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Aquaculture Hypochlorous Acid Generator 600L/H Low Power Consumption

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Aquaculture Hypochlorous Acid Generator 600L/H Low Power Consumption

Brand Name Geemblue
Model Number GBS-600-HCLO
Certification ISO9001 CE
Place of Origin CHINA
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 10 SET/MONTH
Delivery Time 40-45 work days
Packaging Details wooden case
Function Produce super acidic water
Flow Rate 600 L / h
Working Mode Continuous
Material Stainless steel
PH Range 2.7-3.5
Chlorine 120 g / h
Detailed Product Description

600 L / h Stainless Steel Hypochlorous acid generator for Aquaculture
Brief Introduction
Hypochlorous acid generator is an eco-friendly electrolyzed water generator to produce electrolyzed solution for sterilization through the electrolysis of water and electrolyte. Its sanitizing effects killing bacteria and microorganisms have been proven in a wide range of medical applications. The hypochlorous acid generator produces an eco-friendly and revolutionary sterilizer that is much safer than the traditional chemical agents and can be conveniently employed in a wide variety of applications.
Acidic electrolytic ionized water effect
1, bactericidal: it’s low concentration but high activity, broad antibacterial, antiviral activity, strong oxidation and killing microorganisms efficiently.
2, Safety: low toxicity, no resistant bacteria and friendly to human.
3, Food-related: reduction of the food spoilage rate, deodorization of food treatment process.
4, Easy to manufacture: use salt (NaCl) as raw material for electrolysis, simple, safe, and able for large production;
5, Health management: wide range application, cleaning and sterilization for surface disinfection, air disinfection;
6, Small impact on food ingredients: no effect on nutrients, low bleaching power, low residual.
7, Compared with sodium hypochlorite or alcohol fungicide: the ionized water has lower concentration, lower cost, safer disinfection and it will disappear and return to non-toxic, non-residual ordinary water in a short time. No pollution to environment.
8, Application in food industry and vegetables preservation: its high efficiency and instant bactericidal function significantly reduce fungi on the surface of food, and prevent the browning of fruits and vegetables, as well as regulation of physiological metabolism, effectively extend the shelf life of the fruit.
9, Acidic electrolytic ionized water is a product of safe, economical, low cost, water saving, and has a wide range application.

Principle of Geemblue system
The Geemblue system mixes, in the right concentration, a weak saline solution with water into an electrolytic cell. The cell has two electrodes an anode and a cathode which have a current passed through them, but are separated by a membrane so that the different streams of electrolyzed water are also separated.
Negatively charged ions are attracted to the anode resulting in Hypochlorous Acid (HClO) being formed as well as a weak solution of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) which makes this stream of water slightly acidic. This is the Electrolyzed Oxidized (EO) water. Positively charged ions are attracted to the cathode resulting in a weak solution of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) being formed which makes this stream of water slightly alkaline. This is the Electrolyzed Reduced (ER) water.


ModelProduct outputChlorine CapacityWater treatment capacityPHconcentration
GBS-400-HCLO400 L / h80 g / h80 ton / h2.7 – 3.5100~200 ppm
GBS-500-HCLO500 L / h100 g / h100 ton / h2.7 – 3.5100~200 ppm
GBS-600-HCLO600 L / h120 g / h120 ton / h2.7 – 3.5100~200 ppm
GBS-700-HCLO700 L / h140 g / h140 ton / h2.7 – 3.5100~200 ppm
GBS-800-HCLO800 L / h160 g / h160 ton / h2.7 – 3.5100~200 ppm

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