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As a Top 500 private enterprise in China, Panhua Group Co., Ltd. is a large scaled conglomerate, located in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone. Its proud history extends back to early 90's, and today's Panhua was incorporated in 2004 with the merger of 10 wholly owned subsidiaries. Panhua has a registered capital of USD24,660,000 and its main subsidiary companies, Zhangjiagang Wanda Steel Strip Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Huada Coating Co., Ltd., have registered capital of USD20,000,000 and USD6,200,000 respectively. Panhua possesses 132 acres of land and 800 employees now. Our annual steel production capacity reaches 1.5 million metric tons.

Panhua maintains a relentless pursuit of improvement in every critical performance measure so as to serve comprehensive customers throughout the world. Panhua has always put itself in its customers' position and our steel brands in this industry have been ranked in the Top 10 reputed brands in Jiangsu Province since 2002. Our premium products include automobile steel, household electric appliance steel, construction steel, packing steel and much more. Moreover, we are now expanding beyond our core sectors to new diversified industries, which cover hotel, real estate, land logistics, shipping terminals, and international trading business.
At Panhua, we have ourselves to clean production and all products pass ISO14001 standards. Our manufacturing and management systems have also passed ISO9000 standards and OHSAS 18000 regulations. We have cooperated and established a joint venture with the state-owned Southwest Aluminum Corporation as well as made strategic alliances with Top 10 government steel companies to achieve win-win results on the basis of mutual benefits.

With the implementation of strategic development, Panhua is quickening its steps to conduct integrative operation. We are making continuous efforts to provide you cold rolled steel coils after annealing, galvanized steel coils, color-coated steel coils, and all dimensions of steel strips to meet your demands by cut-to-length and slitting lines. Our tandem and single stand cold rolling mills are fully imported with equipment from the USA, Germany, Japan, and India. Equipped with ABB and Siemens controls, all our mills and other processing lines can offer you excellent steel products with superior heat resistance, corrosion resistance, accurate dimensions, and aesthetic appearance.

Panhua has devoted itself to social charity causes with regular donations to the "Hope Project" to build up Hope Primary Schools in Sichuan Province and help students complete their education in schools and colleges. Growing together with society and giving back to society is one of Panhua's values.
Panhua is full of vigor and potential. We believe and pursue quality, strength, and opportunities. We are always looking towards the future with confidence and welcome your sincere cooperation.

Company Information
Basic Information
Business Type:Manufacturer,Exporter,Trading Company,Seller
Employee Number:2000~3000
Factory Location:East of shizigang, The Yangtze International Chemical Industry Park of Jiang su Shizigang, Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City Jiangsu Province, China, 215634
Trade & Market
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Scaling New Heights,Keep Moving!

OEM Overview:

Production Line:


We have two mills, one in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, and another is in Chongqing.

Here is our vidio of mill:

Details lines and capacities as follow:


1 Pickling Line 1 500,000.00 1.5∽5.0 800∽1250
2 Pickling Line 2 500,000.00 1.5∽5.0 800∽1250
3 5-tandem cold roll mill 1,500,000.00 0.2∽2.0 800∽1250
4 one tandem 1150 cold rolled mill 300,000.00 0.18∽2.0 800∽1000
5 one tandem 1450 cold rolled mill 300,000.00 0.18∽2.0 800∽1250
6 galvanized line-1 150,000.00 0.2∽2.0 800∽1250
7 galvanized line-2 150,000.00 0.2∽0.8 800∽1250
8 Hot rolled based galvanized line 400,000.00 1.0∽4.0 600∽1250
9 Continious annealing line 300,000.00 0.3∽2.0 800∽1250
10 Batch annealing line 250,000.00 0.4∽2.5 850∽1250
11 Silicon steel-1 150,000.00 0.5 850∽1250
12 Silicon steel-2 150,000.00 0.5 850∽1250
13 prepainted line-1 150,000.00 0.2∽1.2 800∽1250
14 prepainted line-2 150,000.00 0.2∽1.2 800∽1250
1 Pickling Line 1 700,000.00 1.8∽5.0 1000∽1600
2 Pickling Line 2 700,000.00 1.8∽5.0 1000∽1600
3 Pickling Line 3 700,000.00 1.8∽5.0 1000∽1600
4 cold rolled mill 2,500,000.00 0.3∽2.0 1000∽1600
5 galvanized line-1 350,000.00 0.25∽2.0 800∽1600
6 galvanized line-2 350,000.00 0.25∽2.0 800∽1600
7 Annealing line-1 700,000.00 0.35∽2.0 1000∽1600
8 Annealing line-2 700,000.00 0.35∽2.0 1000∽1600



1 Pickling Line 1 400,000.00 2.0∽4.0 800∽1250
2 Pickling Line 2 500,000.00 2.0∽4.0 800∽1250
3 5-tandem cold roll mill 1,200,000.00 0.2∽2.0 800∽1250
4 one tandem 1150 cold roll mill 150,000.00 0.18∽2.0 800∽1000
5 one tandem 1422 cold roll mill 150,000.00 0.18∽2.0 800∽1250
6 galvanized line-1 150,000.00 0.2∽1.0 800∽1250
7 galvanized line-2 150,000.00 0.25∽1.2 800∽1250
8 galvanized line-3/Galvalume line 200,000.00 0.2∽1.8 800∽1250
9 Continious annealing line 300,000.00 0.4∽2.0 800∽1250
10 prepainted line-1 100,000.00 0.18∽0.8 800∽1250
11 prepainted line-2 150,000.00 0.18∽0.8 800∽1250
12 prepainted line-3 200,000.00 0.2∽1.2 800∽1250




About quality management:





Control of Aluminium in Zinc Pot

A.The function of adding aluminium into galvanizing zinc

The added aluminium in galvanizing zinc is conducive. Aluminium is the alloy element to improve performance for normal galvanized product and galvanized alloy product. But for galvalume product, aluminium has greater function, as one important part of coating. The following only talks about aluminium’s influence on galvanized and galvanized alloy product.

a. There are two functions of aluminium during galvanizing, One function is that, aluminium can reduce the reaction between iron and zinc. When striped steel is dipped into galvanizing zinc, aluminium firstly reacts with iron. And it forms a compact film of iron and aluminum compound. The film can reduce spread of iron, and hinder iron and zinc compound from forming and thickening. The other fuction is that, aluminum helps remove ascent of zinc dross. Since iron is more active than aluminum, aluminum can replace iron from zinc dross of iron and zinc, and form aluminum and zinc compand to remove ascent.

b. There are also two functions of aluminium to galvanized product. One function is that, aluminium can improve adhesive force of coating. The iron and aluminium compand as a medium, can closely join base steel and coating together. It helps improve punch forming performance of galvanized steel sheet and prevents from zinc coating falling off when distorted. The other function is aluminium can improve homogenization of galvanized steel sheet. Aluminium reduces the influence of reaction between iron and zinc on coating. And it helps uniform thickness of coating, and improves the appearance of galvanized product.

B.What is effective aluminum in galvanizing zinc?

There are two forms of aluminum in galvanizing zinc. One is free aluminum dissolved in galvanizing zinc. The other is iron, aluminum, and zinc compound (zinc dross) from the reaction between aluminum and iron and zinc compound, which is solid type. The former can be the reactant during galvanizing, and the latter is resultant after reaction. Therefore, the former free aluminum affects the form of coating and ascent of zinc dross.Once the free aluminum takes part in the reaction and forms compound, it will be out of function. Since normal chemical analysis shows the summation of two aluminum types, the result cannot shows the aluminum content, which can continue the reaction during galvanizing. So it is necessary to talk about effective aluminum. The effective aluminum in galvanizing zinc is free aluminum content after decreasing aluminum content in aluminum and zinc compound.

The following is the way of testing effective aluminum content in galvanizing zinc. First, analyze total aluminum content and iron content. Sencond, calculate Fe2Al5 content according to the iron content. Then calculate the aluminum content in Fe2Al5. At late, the effective aluminum content is the result after decreasing aluminum content in Fe2Alfrom total aluminum content.

C.The influence of low effective aluminum level in zinc pot

a. It affects the appearance of bottom dross. When aluminum content is lower than 0.135%, iron of striped steel and equipment would dissolve into zinc pot, and react with zinc to form FeZn7. The density of FeZnis 7.1, and more than that of galvanizing zinc about 6.8. It would deep into the bottom of zinc pot and form bottom dross. But if aluminum content is higher than 0.135%, aluminum would join in the reaction of zinc dross, and form Fe2Al5Znx. Its density is 4.1, lower than that of galvanizing zinc, and forms ascent dross. The ascent dross can be dragged for. Therefore, more than 0.135% aluminum content is the central part of no bottom dross operation.

b. It affects nodules of rolls. As the first effect shows, if aluminum content is low, the dross would be much and fall into the surface of roll when deeping. And with the striped steel, the dross would become nodules on the rolls. Once there are nodules on the rolls, they would be bigger and bigger and cause indentations in production. If stretching cannot eliminate indentations, it would be necessary to stop machine and chang rolls.

D.Why does aluminum float upward when zinc and aluminum alloy ingot at high proportion melts?

First compared, the melting point of zinc is 419.5 ℃, that of aluminum is 660.4 ℃; the proportion of galvanizing zinc is about 6.8, and that of aluminum liquid is about 2.7. It shows that, aluminum is harder to melt than zinc, and the proportion of aluminum is smaller and easier to float upward. One problem is the melting point of zinc and aluminum alloy. There is no fixed melting point. The alloy melts at some temperature, and it is partial melting during a range of temperature. The melting ends at a lower temperature. The most important problem is aliquation, which is nonuniform zinc and aluminum in liquid. As the melting point of aluminum is higner and its proportion is lower, aluminum float ypward and get together in zinc pot during the range of temperature. The high alumina layer forms in the state of semisolid, and mixs with zinc dross. It is always dragged with zinc dross. So galvanizing line uses well-mixed and assembled zinc ingot. And when adding zinc, the zinc ingot needs to be melting. If a whole ingot of zinc is putted into galvanizing zinc, local temperature would be too low and it would cause aluminum floating.

E.Is it possible to put high alumina ingot under zinc ingot, before adding to zinc pot?

It is a good thinking of putting high alumina ingot under zinc ingot in order to melting high alumina and zinc ingot at the bottom of zinc pot. But zinc absorbs a lot of heat as melting, and it can form a low temperature part in zinc pot. Aluminum is more difficult to melt, form viscous liquid of partial melting state, and float up to the surface of galvanizing zinc. At the same time, once zinc ingot and high alumina and zinc ingot add into zinc pot in this way, the zinc ingot can’t control high alumina and zinc ingot. And the high alumina and zinc ingot will float upward. It is undesirable.

F.The benefits of pressing zinc and aluminum alloy underside of zinc pot by tools

There are following benefits to press zinc and aluminum alloy onto the bottom of zinc pot by a tool like a basket.

a. The inductor aperture of larynx is of high temperature. It is good for zinc and aluminum alloy melting. And it cannot cause liquid of partial melting state.

b. The inductor aperture of larynx has the function of mixing, which is affected by high-heat liquid from ring hearth. Once aluminum melt, it is sweept away and avoids mostly floating upward.

c. Even if some aluminum floats up, it would mix with galvanizing zinc during the long period of floating.

Therefore, it is good to take this method theoretically. And current tests have basically show this. Although every new technique innovation brings some inconvenience, it will become better when we insist and be used to it.

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