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300 L/Min For Spinner Silent Oilless Dental Oil Free Air Compressor

300 L/Min For Spinner Silent Oilless Dental Oil Free Air Compressor

Brand Name OSG
Model Number FJ50-3W
Certification CE, ISO, SGS
Place of Origin SHANGHAI, CHINA
Minimum Order Quantity 1 UNIT
Price 500~2000 USD
Supply Ability 100UNITS/MONTH
Delivery Time 15 DAYS
PRESSURE 4~20 bar
CAPACITY 390 L/min
DIMENSION 450×280×500mm
Protection class IP55▬IP67(customized)
Warranty period 3 years
Detailed Product Description

   300 L/min for spinner silent oilless dental oil free air compressor





I. Introduction:

       First of all, the compressor does not contain oil-based material and does not need to add any lubricant oil, thus greatly improving the quality of the discharged air and guarantee the safety of the equipped facilities. While the oil-lubricated air compressor, containing a large number of oil molecules, will corrode the supporting equipments. So the oil-free air compressor is a must for the good air quality.

Secondly, the usage and maintenance of oil-free air compressor are much simpler than oil-lubricated air compressors. As we all know, some of the oil-lubricated air compressors need regular oil replacement or refueling, and some oil-lubricated compressors are with the cases of the oil injection, oil leakage and pollution for the surrounding environment. The user needs to take time to clean up , which will increase the relative workload, and can not improve the work efficiency. Compared with oil-lubricated compressor, oil-free air compressor basically doesn’t need time to maintain. Because it does need a drop of oil. The automatic pressure sensor switch can automatically start and stop based on the air consumption, which can be described as save worry and save power. Automatic drainage device is also one advantage, so the operation is very convenient, and with longer service life.



1. Adopt German original imported technology, the maximum pressure up to 2.0Mpa.

2. Double cylinder balance compression, small vibration, low noise, the host force balance.

3. Adopt Sweden SKF high-pressure bearings and German PEEP high wear-resistant sealing material;

4. Microcomputer control, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic memory, automatic display;

5. Realize to set the time to start and stop; adjust the start and stop pressure;

6. Microcomputer with non-contact design, the continuous action can be more than 100,000 times

7. The internal of the tank adopts the anti-corrosion treatment to ensure that the air quality of no pollution, no impurities

8. The exhaust port forces the air to filtrate to ensure that the air content of water <0.01ppm, dust content <0.01μ

9. Whole machine adopts the stainless steel pipe;

Application scope

Oil-free mute air compressor application: It is widely used in medical, laboratory, water treatment, bio-pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, printing, shipbuilding, machinery, textile, petrochemical, precision electronics, instrumentation, spraying, tobacco, nitrogen, food processing , optics, national defense research and other fields that require clean compressed air.


III. Technical specification:

Oil-free compressorSpecificationFJ50-3W
Maximum pressure2.0MPa(adjustable)
Rated capacity300L/min
Rated power2.2KW
Noise level<65Db
Protection classIP55▬IP67(customized)
Warranty period3 years



VI. Oil-free compressor selection suggestions

    Oil-free air compressor is the leader in air compressors, and it ensures the good operation without oil and resists the high-temperature and friction.

    The high temperature of the oil-free air compressor must reach more than 360 ℃, and the test pressure must 2 times higher than the using pressure to ensure the normal operation of the compressor. For example: the actual pressure needed is 8bar, the test standard should be 16bar. This is also the manufacturer's production standards: high pressure design, high pressure test, low pressure use to ensure that your choice is without quality worry.

     According to the actual situation of oil-free air compressor customers, the starting pressure crucially impacts the noise, vibration and the life of the host. Therefore, it is important to set the most suitable start and stop pressure. Generally controlled between 1bar and 1.5bar is appropriate. For example, the medical and instrumentation industry, pressure starting and stopping should be set to 4.5bar-6.0bar as the best. So the compressor noise, vibration decreases by at least 30%, and the host life extents to more than 2 times.

     The microcomputer control mode is with high security to avoid the occurrence of leakage accidents. And it is easily to regulate the pressure and diagnose the faults.

    Air receiver selection: not the bigger the better, meet the Asfa 1: 5: 2.

    Manufacturer selection; the biggest advantage of manufacturer to the customer is the support of technical selection, and can design the product based on the actual use of customer.

   How to determine the noise and quality of your oil-free air compressor. The potential criterion to determine the noise and quality is the sealability of oil-free air compressors. How to test: 2 times higher of the working pressure, and test the indicators of the air compressor.

   Test standard of the German compressor: Pressure 15bar; Durability test (destructive test) note: continuous operation time must reach more than 5000 hours (without stop); Impact test must meet: more than 5 T and 10T; Salt spray test: More than 200 hours.


V. The basic function of oil-free air compressor

1 protection class: IP67 or IP55 to be customized
2 control mode: computer control PLC
3 Motor overload protection: Yes
4 motor high-temperature protection: Yes
5 Wiring method: Air outlets (customized)
6. The host of the oil-free air compressor adopts the pure German technology and its main advantages are:
1). Host all adopt German technology with low speed; oil-free design.
2). The appearance structure adopts the vibration-reduction design, stainless steel spring vibration-reduction system to reduce noise.
3). Now all the hosts have reached the national level of energy efficiency, big displacement, low power, more energy-saving of 30% than the similar oil-free air compressors.
4). Continuous non-stop work, durability testing standards: 20000 hours. It can replace any model.



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