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EEE RoHS 2.0 Test Report RoHS 3.0 Test Report 2011/65/EU ROHS Directive Rohs Test Standard IEC62321 EN50581 Guide Categories of EEE covered by this Directive 1. Large household appliances. 2. Small household appliances. 3. IT and telecommunications equipment. 4. Consumer equipment. 5. Lighting equipment. 6. Electrical and electronic tools. 7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment. 8. Medical devices. ... Shenzhen BCTC Testing Co.,LTD.
Germanium Balls 3mm to 8mm 99.999% Germanium Balls Germanium Bead Symbol Ge Cas 7440-56-4 Atomic Number 32 Atomic Weight 72.59 Densit 5.323 gm/cc Melting Point 937.4 oC Boiling Point 2830 oC Thermal Conductivity 0.602 W/cm/K @ 302.93 K Electrical Resistivity microhm-cm @ 20 oC Electronegativity 1.8 Paulings Specific Heat 0.077 Cal/g/K @ 25 oC Heat of Vaporization 68 K-cal/gm atom at 2830 oC 1... Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co.,LTD.
3B12-304 Cross W01-358-8013 Air Spring Triple Convoluted Air Bag FT330-29 CI 1/4 NPT 3B12-306 3B12-304 Goodyear Technical Parameters ❶Nut / Blind Nut Top Cover Plate Screw (Nut) Tooth : 2pcsX3/8-16UNC Top Cover Plate Screw (Nut) Tooth : 2pcsX3/8-16UNC Screw Center Distance of Top Cover Plate : 157.5mm Bottom Cover Plate Screw (Nut) Tooth : 2pcsX3/8-16UNC Screw Center Distance of Bottom Cover Plate ... GUANGZHOU GUOMAT AIR SPRING CO. , LTD
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Q75 Chemical name N,N,N',N'-Tetrakis(2-hydroxypropyl)ethylenediamine Molecular formula C14H32N2O4 Molecular weight 292.42 CAS No. 102-60-3 Characteristic: Appearance Light yellow to orange-yellow viscous liquid Assay(%) ≥75.0 pH 10.0~12.0 (1% aqueous solution ) Application Q75 is used as metal complexing agent, as scaling powder and cleaner in PCB electroless copper plating. Packing 200kg/drum ... WUHAN JADECHEM INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD.
Zirconia Shaft Parts High Strength Mechanical Customized Zirconia Ceramic Parts Plunger, Shaft Rod Zirconium dioxide ZrO2, sometimes known as zirconia, not to be confused with zircon, is a white crystalline oxide of zirconium. Its most naturally occurring form, with a monoclinic crystalline structure, is the rare mineral baddeleyite. The high temperature cubic crystalline form is rarely found in ... Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd
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With numerous mask stopper options available, selecting a right lock stopper can be daunting. Contact to get a quote for the most simple mask stopper type for your application. Mask Strap Lock Stopper Fashion Mask Accessories · Elastic Cord Stopper, Black & White Color Cord Stop Lock Spiral Single Hole Stopper Rubber Drawstring create your own mask stopper size, save cost, let it be unique for a ... JIAXING VIIPLUS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD
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Anti Climb High Security Fence | RAL6005 Green Color 358 Anti-climb High Security Fence, also called 358 mesh panel fence & Prison Fencing, which is well-knowm as anti-climb & anti-cut through barrier with with excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism. As a security fence, 358 Wire mesh fence is a special structure designed for high security environments, using high quality carbon ... ANPING EON METAL MESH MFG CO., LTD
The fixed pitch propeller type tunnel bow thruster is normally including prime mover, hydraulic system, remote control system and thruster itself. The prime mover is usually electric motor; sometimes, it also could be the diesel engine or hydraulic motor; the remote system can connect Joystick and DP interface. The thruster itself can be transformed to be retractable configuration when coupled ... Chongqing Central Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd
1. Main purpose and application The anti-biochemical clothes are one kind of fireman’s protective clothes. It is used as protection when the fireman comes into contact with harmful chemicals or corrosive goods in the event of a fire or an accident. 2. Standard In accordance with standard of the Police Department and the manufacture’s industry standard. 3. Type and main technical reference Clothes ... China Century Marine Equipment Co Ltd
High quality universal aluminum alloy roof rack cross bar for Pick-up Used for: Pick-up Material: aluminum alloy Color: Black Package Size: 182*26*18cm Weight: 9.8kg Changzhou Yuhang Auto Accessary Co., Ltd.
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HOPU Transformer Vacuum Pump Set is mainly used for vacuum drying and vacuumization while injecting oil in high voltage electrical transformer such as 220KV, 500KV, ±800KV, 1000KV, By selecting world famous German vacuum pumps, the working vacuity can reach up to 10Pa, limit vacuity up to 1Pa. And the GIS interface and vacuum degree intelligent setting are available according to customer's ... Chongqing HOPU Filtration Plant Manufacture Co.,ltd
Good Extruding Grade Midgold Silicone Rubber For,Tubes And Cable Description RH5011 F-1 is DBPH(double 2-5, catalyst) curing silicone rubber for silicone products. This series of extrusion silicone rubber meets halogen, ROHS, REACH and US FDA standards, it has excellent processability, and is suitable for calendering and extrusion process production. RH5011F can be used to produce good processing ... GUANGZHOU RUI-HE NEW MATERIAL SCIENTIFIC Co. , LTD
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Data Center Cabling SM MTP MPO 40G/100G Fiber Optical Patch Cord 72 / 144 core Cable MPO / MTP multi-core optical bai cable jumper assembly products are composed of multi-core optical cables and corresponding 4/8/12/24/48 core high du density MPO / MTP. This product can provide zhi male or female MPO / MTP models, and can choose 4~48 core single-mode and multi-mode optical cables of various ... SHENZHEN KXIND COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD
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Low Noise SDE Series Slew Drive Gearbox For Dual Axis Automatic Solar Tracking System Description The dual axis solar tracker includes a moving platform, a fixed platform, a serial chain, a parallel chain and a driving device such as dual axis solar tracker slewing drive. The moving platform is supported by the serial chain and driven by the parallel chain, forming a parallel tracking mechanism. ... Changzhou Hangtuo Mechanical Co., Ltd
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C-2101 Sincalide, Cholecystokinin Octapeptide (sulfated), CCK-8 (sulfated), Cholecystokinin (26-33) (sulfated) C49H62N10O16S3 1143.29 25126-32-3 H-Asp-Tyr(SO3H)-Met-Gly-Trp-Met-Asp-Phe-NH2 C-2102 Boc-Cholecystokinin Octapeptide (desulfated) Boc-CCK-8 (desulfated) C54H70N10O15S2 1163.34 25687-34-7 Boc-Asp-Tyr-Met-Gly-Trp-Met-Asp-Phe-NH2 C-2103 Cholecystokinin Octapeptide (desulfated) CCK-8 ... Cellmano Biotech Limited
Product Description BENEPARTS Think about the different teeth and adapters used on backhoe, excavators, loaders, scrapers, and motor graders. So many different applications to accommodate, so many different ground conditions to consider. It takes an incredible variety to keep so many machines productive. Beneparts has just that selection for you. 1. Product Details Name Excavator bucket Type Extra ... Huizhou Hongbang Technology Co. Ltd.
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Product Description Item's name: Barcelona Chair Barcelona chair history:Barcelona Chair had originally been designed by Mies Van De Rohe for the Deutscher Werkbund Pavilion at the Barcelona World Exhibition in 1929. They were want to be used by the King and Queen of Spain on occasion of their official visit to the exposition.The original version was covered with white pig leather.Thought it has a ... ALA-X Co.,Ltd
2019 New Products Custom Leather Desktop Sticky Note Box, Sublimation Blank Memo Pad Box We have over 10 years OEM & ODM experiences for Sublimation Leather Blanks. We promise you the best choice for MATERIALS and Fashion and Trend Styles for Marketing. The most Hottest and Newest Blanks with more profits than the normal Mugs, T shirts etc... The Sublimation Marketing needs the higher quality ... ESTA OFFICE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
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165670 VALVE^SOLVENT_DISPENSE^UCS 157122 END CAP 158905 WASHER^^USC^^ 157114 CASSETTE TRAY 158904 SHAFT^SPRUNG^USC^^ 157113 VACUUM ELBOW 157770 USC PAPER ROLL 145894 PAPER SPINDLE 157551 ST CONNECTOR (KQSO4-M6) 145887 SPRING COMPRESSION 157533 USC PAPER ROLL (400mm) 145886 BEARING DGBB 61804-2Z 157442 BLANKING PLUG 145883 SPRING HOUSING 157381 U.S.C. BODY 145874 DRIVE SPINDLE 157379 SQUEEGEE ... Qinyi Electronics Co.,ltd
Free Shipping For Ford Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor TPMS fits for Ford TPMS-19 8C2Z-1A203-A Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor TPMS fits for Ford Interchange Part Number: TPMS-19, 8C2Z-1A203-A Replaces your old and damaged one. Placement on Vehicle:Left, Right, Front, Rear Specification: Color:As pictures shown Size:about 5cm*1cm*2.5cm Support models: 2007-2016 for Ford F-150 2008-2016 for Ford F... Shenzhen BOWShine Technology Co., Limited
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