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Product details Product Name Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Sterilization Lamp Wavelength 253.7nm Application area 40 square meters Rated Power 38w Voltage 110V-200V, 110V-220V Warning: This product is NOT TO BE USED as an Air Purifier Device. Should only be used when people, Kids, animals, or plants are NOT present, UV-C can be dangerous to skin and eyes on direct exposure. UV-C may cause reddening ... NEW TIDE IHOME CO.,LIMITED
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3D Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush This 3D Sonic Electric Toothbrush features densely packed and super-soft bristles, providing up to 31,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute to create micro-sweeps that effectively and gently clean teeth and gums. Product Details This 3D Sonic Electric Toothbrush features densely packed and super-soft bristles, providing up to 31,000 high-intensity pulsations ... SHENZHEN HONGWANG NICEMAY ELECTRIC CO., LTD
GKG PMAX8 Automatic 1200 LED SMT Stencil Printer Screen Stencil Size: 737 mm x 737 mm to 1,100 mm x 950 mm PCB Size: 850x610mm size: 1590*1608*1530mm Weight:1500Kg Product description: GKG PMAX8 Automatic 1200 LED SMT Stencil Printer, Screen Stencil Size: 737 mm x 737 mm to 1,100mmx950mm, PCB Size: 850x610mm, size: 1590*1608*1530mm, Weight:1500Kg GKG PMAX8 Automatic 1200 LED SMT Stencil Printer ... flason SMT equipment co.,ltd
Endotracheal Intubation Kit (General Anaesthesia) FEATURES: Contents of Intubation Kit: endotracheal tube, endotracheal tube holder, laryngoscope blade, stylet, suction connecting tube, suction catheter (2pcs), table paper, etc. Packaged in one kit, ready for anaesthesia use. Sure Care Corporation
Fat Burning Ems Training Suit The Characteristics Of Fat Burning Ems Training Suit China 1. Elastic shaping 2. Comfortable 3. Stable slip 4. Smooth fit 5. Light and fast drying 6. Not easy to fade 7.4-5 level is not easy to play 8. No smell More details Of Ems Training Weight Loss For Sale Ems Full Body Weight Suit use Polyester-ammonia knitted fabric, rebound wrap, light and sporty experience, ... Guangdong Bote Health Technology Co., Ltd
500ML Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Touchless soap dispenser Wall-mounted Sanitizer holder container Capacity 500ml Material ABS Power supply Battery Qty of of liquid 1 ml Shenzhen Raindrops PET Co.,Ltd
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germicidal uv-c lamp sanitizer T5 T8 uv disinfection air sterilizer light tube 10w 1. Specification Product name Germicidal uv-c lamp Material Aluminum alloy bracket Light source Quartz UV Voltage 220V (110V customized) 50Hz Wavelength 185nm ozone / 253.7nm no ozone Application area 10-20m² Control mode switch Lamp size 33.1cm Packing 1 set / box Warranty 1 year Bracket size 35.8cm 2. The ... Chengdu HKV Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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UIV CHEM NANO SILVER SANITIZER THAT LASTS LONGER THAN ALCOHOL SANITIZER UIV CHEM is one of the toppest sanitizers,sanitize alcohol,alcohol sanitizer in China.During these years of exporting , UIV CHEM now has rich experience in the worldwide markets UIV CHEM Nano silver sanitizer that lasts longer than alcohol sanitizer UIV Chem colorless and transparent nano silver solution has Broad-spectrum ... Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.
Simple driving system toothbrush pouch packaging machine jabalpur Enterprise Product Description Start order Packing bag samples Related Prodcuts Please kindly contract shirley : Facebook/Whatsapp/Wechat:+86-13927240684 Or come to our factory: No.65,Road 2,Rongxing Industrial,Wuzhuang,Luocun Town,Nanhai District ,Foshan City ,Guangdong,China Company Information Contact us Buyer Feedback FAQ Q:Why ... Foshan Bogal Packing Machinery Co., Ltd
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15mL Breath Freshening Spray Volume: 15ml Perfume: OEM Description: Sugar free. Gentle breath with refreshing smell. Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Sorbitol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Fragrance, Aspartame, Menthol, Citric Acid. Directions: Open your mouth, keep the pump head to your mouth and press the button lightly. Storage methods: Store in cool place Expiry date: ... Health & Beyond Inc.
KILL 99.9% GERMS Sterilization Function Phone Sterilizer Box For Earphones Watches This product is a one - button multi - function sterilizer. sterilization function, automatic aromatherapy, multi - object disinfection.In addition to mobile phones, they can also be used to sterilize masks, jewelry, watches, earphones and other small items. Dimensions of Unit 218mm*122mm*53mm Dimensions of Inner ... Shenzhen Xing Rui Tong Technology Co., Ltd.
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mobile phone wireless charging 360 uv light sanitizer desinfection box for money jewlery Description: Material ABS+Tempered glass Product size 185*100*47mm Input voltage 5V/2A,9V/1.3A Wireless charging output 10W UV life 10,000 hours Ultraviolet light emission LED semiconductor Sterilization rate 99.9% UV Wavelength 260-280nm Main Features : * Support mobile phone wirelsss charging * High ... Shenzhen Relight Technology Co.,Ltd
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LOVEWARMTH Repairing and Nourishing Hair Color Cream Used For Salon FEATURES No Ammonia and PPD-Free; Long-Lasting Result; Hair color cream with super coverage for gray hair; Long-lasting coloring result in full bloom with vibrancy which makes your hair more charming; Natural glittering appearance. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LOVEWARMTH Professional Hair Color Cream is a new approach to color products and ... Zhongshan Jiali Cosmetics Manufacturer Ltd
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Portable LED Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp, UV Sterilization Light, 1.5W UV-C 275 nm Feature: UV sterilizer helps neutralize harmful micro-organisms and free-floating algae. Comes with timer controller, 2-6hrs setting to meet your different requires. Install in vertical or horizontal position right in your aquarium or sump. Can be used in fish tank, swimming pool, pond, industry water processing, ... Shenzhen JYG New Energy Co., Ltd.
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Multi Head Horizontal Band Sawmill This machine is invented by our company.It is easy-operated,high efficiency and easy-installed. The head quantity is given option from one to six .The user will get multi board at one time to improve the efficiency. Main Features: 1.The head quantity from one to six is available. 2.Touch screen setting sawing thickness. 3.Variable Frequency Speed Adjustable ... Weifang Jiuyi Information technology co., LTD
Portable UV Light Disinfection Sterilizer Wand For Coronavirus Protection 9 Led Product Description Dear Buyer : This epidemic is global, not for an special area , we should be united to solve it together. If you live in a region where the virus is severe , please let us know in advance , we'll priority to you when we get some inventory . Finally , Pray for the World, may everything would be good ... Shenzhen Hanxun Network Technology Co., Ltd
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UV Light for Germs Cleaning Medical Dish Dental Portable UV Sterilizer for Office and Hotel Step to use it Turn the rotary switch clockwise, the lED indicator light will turn on and the UV lamp will begin to work. Move the sterilizer slowly, keep the distance 5cm for 10-20 seconds and repeat it for two or three times with better effec. Turn the rotary witch counterclockwise, the UV light will be ... Aina Lighting Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
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Life nano supply Professionals & Resellers With Affordable Products. Easy To Use. Painless. Wholesale Pricing Deals. 10+ Years Industry Exp. This is your opportunity to make extra income. Our wholesale are making money by selling our products at dental clinic, Department store, pharmacy, Beauty Fitness Club, hair and nail salons, kiosks, tanning salons, online, flea markets and many more. This New ... Life Nano Plastic Product (Zhangzhou) Co.,LTD
Caterpillar CAT330 Cat J450 family bucket teeth 1U3452/9W8452 tooth and 1U3452RC/9W8452RC tooth for exporting Caterpillar CAT330 standard teeth and Rock teeth Standard teeth 1U3452 9W8452 11.5kgs Rock teeth 1U3452RC 9W8452RC 13.2kgs Adapter:6i6464 19.6 kgs usage :digging earth other Cat330 machine teeth and adapter for choose 9W8452/ 1U3452 11.5 J450 9N3452 16.5 J450 9W8452RC/ 1U3452RC 12 J450 ... Ningbo Tigerlevel Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd
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Living Room Portable Uv Light Sterilization / Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer Portable Uv Light Sterilization Description 4XAAA batteries, 6.0V or USB Power: 3W Press 3 seconds ON/OFF switch to start UVC wavelength: 2537nm Radiation: >2000uw/cm² Safety device auto off when put the light upward Hold the sterilizer with the light face toward the items and move slowly for 10-30 seconds. Portable Uv ... Zhengzhou Feilong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
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